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Women’s Scarves and Shawls 2014-2015

Release date: 2014-05-16

Today we want to share with you women's scarves and shawls for 2014-2015 season wear. We advice you ladies to take a closer look at these beautiful creations which add spice to your overall look and make you look sophisticated and opulent. In recent years this accessory comes back in the world of fashion, that's why each of the presented styles will for sure complete and complement your overall appearance. You are about to see how to wear this gorgeous style combined with your clothing. It's no secret, scarves are practical, warm and statement pieces, which come in various textures, colors and fabrics. The 2014-2015 year comes with silk (as an accessory), wool and other cozy fabrics. This time we would like to share with you different muffler, neck-wrap designs which are going to be in trend these years. We can always divide this accessory into two groups, where the one is meant for work and other for special occasions. If we speak about colors, then it's the year of neutral colors, while you can always find bright versions, which are made for bright statement.

Women's Scarves and Shawls 2014-2015 (1)

Bright tribal print is paired with polka dot red flared dress.


A layered look, which features Aviator sheepskin shearling jacket paired with tribal print long ensemble, knitted beanie and cotton-wool scarf:

Women's Scarves and Shawls 2014-2015 (2)

A feminine-biker girl wears retro cap, short biker jacket, floral A-line skirt, black top and colorful neck scarf.

Women's Scarves and Shawls 2014-2015 (3)

This looks like queen's shawl:

Women's Scarves and Shawls 2014-2015 (4)

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