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The Square Scarf - An Essential In A Ladies Wardrobe

Release date: 2014-06-12
 A scarf is the ultimate accessory to brighten up any outfit. It can be worn in literally 100's of different styles in order to get the look you are going for. There are so many shapes you can choose from and all are fitting for different purposes. Perhaps one of the most versatile scarves is the square scarf, it is perhaps the most useful since it can be used as a square or folded to the used like a rectangle scarf. This double ability means it is the most versatile. 

First of all double the square in half so the corners meet to form a triangle, secondly obtain the ends of the scarf around your neck ensure that the point is at the centre at the face, and finally bind the ends of the scarf at the back. You must desire to make certain there is a double tie to make sure the scarf stay in rest. Previous season the famous means to wear a square scarf was around the neck with the triangle point at the face centre. This style is named as a muffler, entirely changes the appearance of a simple top. You require deciding also a simple top to match a designed scarf or a designed scarf to match a simple top but don't over do it as it won't co-ordinate.


Another great look that can only be pulled off with a square scarf is using it as a head covering. This is great in the summer to take the sun off your face, or for those classy convertible passengers who just want to keep their hair out of there eyes. Simply take your scarf, fold in half, place the long diagonal over your head with the point at the back and tie the ends under your cheek. If you want to be more secure you can fasten each side under your chin with a safely pin. This look definitely oozes sophistication and elegance.


In the evening when a scarf draws in your neck it begins to cool down your neck square around your shoulders and secure it at the font to form a cloak. If you will choose a bandana style in the extended summer hot months then in its place of tying the ends under your chin take them at the back your neck in this way you can cover your head and also seems cool. This just adds that little bit extra soothe ness in the evening. In fact for those that don't like to show their upper arms this look can also be used with an evening dress to make a stylish covering. It is so easy to find a stylish square scarf to match your outfit than a bolero.


Out of all the types of scarves, the square scarf is the most versatile. As well as folding to be used in all the styles a rectangular scarf can be used, there are also certain styles unique to the square variety making it an essential in a ladies wardrobe.

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