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NY Wholesale Scarves 2014 Fashion Trend in Chevron Infinity Scarves and Sundresses

Release date: 2014-05-22
 Long considered to be a utilitarian item, the scarf is showing up as a fashion accessory all of the world for years. From fashion ignorant to fashion lovers, the scarf is around everyones neck. In 2013, scarves of all kinds have increased in popularity. Especially for the chevron infinity scarves, they have become the most popular scarf trend since 2013 fall/winter and this trend will continue in 2014.

The main reason why chevron infinity scarves become that popular is due to their strong flexibility to compliment different frames of different people. Fashion designers explain that the variety of chevron colors can easily complement different hair, eye, and skin colors because they will decrease the skin imperfections so that women will be able to glow and use less makeup. Youll never have to figure out how to wear a colorful chevron infinity scarf. Wrap it around your neck once or twice, and youll be ready to step out on the town. Chevron infinity scarves are not seasonal and you can enjoy wearing them throughout the year. No longer a pure winter accessory for cold and blustery weather, a lightweight chevron infinity scarf coming in summertime wont add warmth but will add color or serve as a light cover-up on the head for sunny days, says Charles Zhou, the owner of NY Wholesale Scarves which is one of the biggest scarf wholesale store in New York city.

Since 2013 fall, NY Wholesale Scarves has experienced a hottest sale of chevron infinity scarves and other infinity scarves. Now they provide hundreds of different infinity scarves including almost one hundred of chevron infinity scarves with various colors, chevrons, and materials. With this fashion trend continuing to dominate the scarves markets in 2014, NY Wholesale Scarves also extends this trend into womens fashion clothing market. Its starting to sell chevron sundresses on their website and has already received huge number of orders from their clients.

Take a cue from the new trends for 2014 in NY Wholesale Scarves, and let your personality shine through with the scarves that accessorize your wardrobe. 

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