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Fashion Sun Hats: A must-have for Summer Stylish!

Release date: 2014-07-18
 The sun may be the ultimate source of energy, but its very difficult to deny the fact that its rays are harmful too. In fact, 1/3 of all skin cancers appear first on face as a result of inadequate protection against harmful UVA rays and UVB rays emitted by sun. There are many sunscreens available in the market today, that may provide protection against sun burn up to an extent. But if you find sunscreen is providing your face and neck little protection from the sun, then a sun hat is a great choice for you.


Sun hats help to slow down premature aging. From occasional beach dweller to most cautious of outdoor enthusiasts, a sun hat offers much needed shield from heat and harmful rays of sun exposure. The ideal sun hat varies depending on outdoor activity and day's current weather conditions.

There are many types of sun hats such as crushable fabric hats, designer straw hats, raffia hats,paper hats and lots more. It is almost difficult to walk bare headed on an extremely hot summer day. A sun hat not only provides protection against harmful and extremely hot sun rays during summers, it also adds beauty to wearer's style. Like that there are many reasons to wear a hat. Summer fashion is almost incomplete without a stylish hat.


Sun hats are usually done with beautiful detailing with flowers, beads, ribbons and logos. During summers many designers and designer brands come up with stylish hat designs that can adore any woman's personal style. Juicy Couture, Burberry, Helen Kaminski, and Eric Javits are some of the popular brand names which have a broad range of summer hats. You can find designer hats at Saks Fifth Avenue online store. Take advantage of Saks Fifth Avenue coupons to order your favorite designer hat at much discounted prices.


These days fedora hats and newsboy caps are also in big demand. Recently, Eugenia Kim has launched a beautiful hat collection for Target under name Eugenia Kim for Target. The collection boasts a beautiful range of fedora hats, sun hats, straw hats and engineer caps that are hot yet cool enough to please any one. Eugenia Kim for Target collection is very budget-friendly and can be bought exclusively from Target online store. Target promotional code can be used to order products from the store at discounted prices.


Newsboy caps look cool enough and are a must-have for teenage and college going girls. Burberry check newsboy cap, looks pretty cool. As the name suggests, Newsboy cap got its name from the caps that were worn by newspaper boys during old times. These type of summer caps are normally liked by sporty girls and can be worn by anyone, a boy or a girl.


A hat provides shade to your eyes from direct sunlight. Consider pairing it with a nice pair of sunglasses to combat glare and protection of eyes. After all, it is in our hands, how we can protect ourselves from the harmful rays of sun, as much as possible. So be trendy with hot summer fashion hats and stay protected from harmful effects of sun.


Have Fun Summers :)

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