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How to Wear a Scarf Pin

Release date: 2014-05-27
 Scarf pins -- sometimes called scarf clips -- are used to secure your scarf in place, but they aren't merely functional. They also add a bit of dazzling flair and personality to your scarf, which almost makes them a fashion necessity. Many pins are designed specifically for scarves, but stylish antique broaches and other large pins work just as well, depending on the material.

How They Work

Some pins worn with scarves have a thin, metal rod that pushes through the fabric and out the other side, where it is then secured into place, trapping the fabric. This can damage silk scarves, leaving a hole in the material. For this reason, such pins are best used with thick cotton or wool scarves. Pins and clips made specifically for silk scarves are usually designed with spring action -- a flat, round plate or circle holds the material tightly in place but does not penetrate it.

Using the Pin

To use your scarf pin, arrange or fold your scarf in the style that you wish. Secure it in place by holding the pin in one hand and manipulating the layers of fabric through the clip or pin with the other hand. If you are using a clip, try to "prop" open the clip with your thumb while sliding the fabric through the clip with your other hand. Make sure the face of the pin is showing and is not hidden by the fabric. If you are using a pin, guide the pin through the layers of fabric with one hand while placing your other hand behind the fabric so that when the pin is inserted through all of the layers, you will feel it hit your hand. Guide it slowly and carefully, so that the pin doesn't prick your hand and draw blood. Push it back through the layers until it meets the back of the pin, and secure it into place. Secure all of the layers of fabric in place by the clip or pin. Otherwise, half your scarf will drop off or fall open, which never looks good.

Head Scarves

In some cases, the pin itself is the highlight of the scarf. This is especially true with thin scarves, as they can be easily knotted and don't usually need a pin or clip to secure them. For example, instead of a necklace, tie a thin scarf around your neck several times until the ends are only a couple of inches long, and then tie a knot. Secure a sparkling pin on top of the knot to add instant glam to the look. Or, place a colorful silk scarf around your head like a hood -- the perfect look for a bad hair day -- and secure it in place with a stunning silver broach placed on the side, right above your collarbone. This look is both sexy and mysterious.

Dramatic Flourishes

Scarves aren't just for the neck and head. Add a dramatic dash of color to your little black dress by draping a scarf around your waist and securing it in place at the hip with a bejeweled broach. Wrap a small scarf around your wrist and add your favorite pin for a distinctive bracelet. If you are very daring, you can even make a statement by wearing a scarf as a shirt -- drape a large, square scarf around your shoulders and fasten it strategically in the front with a large clip or pin. Tuck the ends of the scarf into your favorite pair of jeans, or wrap a belt around your waist to hold the ends of the scarf in place.

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