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19 Ways To Repurpose Your Scarves For Fall

Release date: 2014-05-16

1. Make a Shaped Scarf Headband

Make a Shaped Scarf Headband


2. Make an Evening Shawl

Make an Evening Shawl


3. Make a Shirt

Make a Shirt


4. Make a No-Sew Cafe Apron

Make a No-Sew Cafe Apron


5. Make a Necklace

Make a Necklace


6. Make a Camera Strap

Make a Camera Strap


7. Make a Tote

Make a Tote


8. Make a Kimono Wrap

Make a Kimono Wrap


9. Make a Decorative Party Bag

Make a Decorative Party Bag


10. Make the Perfect Tablescape

Make the Perfect Tablescape


11. Make a High-Low Skirt

Make a High-Low Skirt


12. Make a Scarf Watch

Make a Scarf Watch


13. Make a Decorative Drink Napkin

Make a Decorative Drink Napkin


14. Make Bows for Flats

Make Bows for Flats


15. Make a Striped Bracelet

Make a Striped Bracelet


16. Make it into a Braid

Make it into a Braid


17. Make a Wrap Skirt

Make a Wrap Skirt


18. Make a Tropical Table Runner

Make a Tropical Table Runner


19. Make a Polka Dot Table Runner (less tropical!)

Make a Polka Dot Table Runner (less tropical!)


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